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             Burley Winter                 

                                                                      An Introduction 




Color Pictures

Pieces Not Positively Identified                                 

Stoneware and Utilitarian Items                               

Items Unearthed From Vicinity of the Burley Winter Operations   

New Burley Winter                                                                            

Products as Displayed in the BURLEY & WINTER POTTERY CO. catalog #18

Products Displayed in THE BURLEY AND WINTER POTTERY CO. catalog of the year 1932





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About The Authors

        Daniel Swingle was born in Crooksville, in the heart of Ohio's pottery country.  He grew up around the potteries of that town, not realizing that in the dying industry, there lay a product whose desirability would one day lead him to this point, that of producing a book on the collectible pottery of Burley Winter.  His father is James R. Swingle, owner of Petro Ware, Inc., a producer of specialty ceramic products at the very location that the Burley Winter Pottery Company once produced both stoneware and art ware in its long history.  A part of the plant still stands today, and even the dumping grounds there have revealed much about their products.  The majority of the photographs used here were taken by him.

        Dale Stoin was born in East Liverpool, Ohio, another center of pottery production.  This is not unusual, since his father, S. M. Stoin, was involved in the pottery industry all his life.  S. M. Stoin learned the trade of hand-made pottery in Bulgaria and, on coming to this country, found his way to Ohio working at a number of Ohio's premier potteries, even for a short time in the early 30's at Burley Winter.  Dale's interest in pottery is fed by his desire to learn more about his father's life work.  The majority of the text and layout were done by him.