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Yellow Ware

  Yellow ware has been popular with collectors and manufactured in North America since the 1830's. It gets its color from the clay. We use our locally mined stoneware clay. a modern lead-free clear glaze and kiln fire to over 2100 degrees to create our distinctive and still classic Yellow Ware. 

  Before glass became economical, food-canning jars were made of stoneware with a recessed flat cover and sealed with wax. Our Yellow Ware covered jars were modeled after a canning jar unearthed on the Burley Winter Pottery site. We made the opening a little larger to let in an adult hand and for easy removal put the cover on the top. Available in natural yellow, cobalt blue, chrome green, antique brown and traditional brown and white.   

  #101-6" canning jar 







  #102-7 1/2" canning jar w










                                          #103-9" canning jar 




The newest pottery collectable!

        We are re-issuing pieces of Pottery made from molds of the original Burley Winter pottery which operated from 1872 to 1937. We utilize the same unique stoneware body made from locally mined clay. We are preserving the past and ensuring that history will not be lost. In addition to the re-issues we are designing our own pieces of ware. We hope you display this pottery with pride and keep it around for your children and grandchildren.  

























Potteries in our region have made bowls from the local clays for at least175 years. We adapted a local traditional bowl shape for a contemporary use. All bowls are available in natural yellow, cobalt blue, chrome green, and antique brown.



Our salsa server holds an entire jar (16-oz) of  Salsa.       

Our salsa separates hold enough salsa for one so double dipping is ok. The Salsa Set includes the server and 4 salsa separates 

#104-Salsa set 










  #105-Tortilla Chip Bowl 








                                         #106-Pasta bowl 





Coffee Mugs

Many  shapes and sizes of yellow ware coffee mugs have been made over the years. The Burley Winter Pottery had quite a collection of different mugs. We think that size and comfort of the handle is important. These mugs are hand thrown and available in Yellow Ware, cobalt blue, chrome green, antique brown and a new line called Burnell which uses a chocolate colored clay making a dark brown cup with touches of a blue glaze.









Our handle-less mug is great for use as a drinking glass or to hold items on your desk.  #108-Handle-less coffee mug 





Garden Ware

Garden ware was a popular item produced by many potteries in the 1920's and 1930's. Burley Winter was no exception and had quite a collection. We are featuring two of their original pieces that are among our most popular.


Our garden turtle is approximately 12     inches  long and 8 inches wide.  #109-Garden turtle 






Our garden frog is 6 1/2 inches tall and 6 1/2 inches wide.   #110-Garden frog 




Blended ware

When in operation from 1872 to 1937 the Burley Winter Pottery was known for its distinctive, colorful decorative  glazes. Their "blended" glazes were very unique and no two pieces were ever exactly alike. We're proud to closely replicate the "blended" glaze on the following ware.


This classic 12" vase was probably made around 1930. Our replica has a combination of wine and silver glazes. 


#112-vase only 






Our 6" bud vase was also produced in the early 1930's. This replica is a green/brown blend that was very popular.  #113-12 inch vase 





* Add UPS Freight cost and sales tax for Ohio orders.



































































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